Summer's Sacrifice

Summer’s Sacrifice.


-Stories must be written by TWO authors.

-Only one of the authors must be a woman.

-Stories should be between 2k-6k.

-Stories also must include a character fitting

the description of the woman pictured (see below).

She can have a major role or a minor one, but she must be included.

-Send stories to with the subject line

“SUBMISSION: authors names (pronouns)/story title”

ex: SUBMISSION: Jane Doe (she/her) and John Doe

(he/his/they/them)/This Spooky Story)

-The body of the email should contain a small bio for each author.

-Please attach your document as word or Google doc.

As this is a charity anthology,

There will be no payment for stories with 100% of the proceeds

going to the Global Fund for Women.