Damien Casey

Damien Casey was created when someone spilled their Arnold Palmer on a pile of 80's Horror and Professional wrestling VHS Tapes. He is one half of 3-B Publishing as well as the podcast Bubble Bath with Baph.

Coffin Dodger

When your favorite actors aren't acting, they're dealing with ghost-snakes, giant crocodiles, spiders with human faces, and cults kidnapping them. One of these cults kidnaps a group of actors from a cult classic horror series. This cult forces the group to play a game where they have to face their biggest fears in order to gain eternal life. They don't even want eternal life. It's all pretty inconvenient.

In the Palm of the Left Hand Black

Six short stories from Horror/Comedy author Damien Casey.

Cover and interior artwork by Christopher McCormick.


Five Years (That's All We've Got)

Smoking Section

Pretty Penny the Pissed-Off Poltergeist Vs. The Q'Anon Army

Holy Diver

The Village of Gill

Four friends travel to a remote island where something... fishy is going on.

A horror/comedy choose your own adventure story for fans of creature features from the 80's.

Bubble Bath with Baph

Indie writers Damien Casey and Kyra Torres speak with other members of the Indie Horror community about anything except books.

Favorite Pop Tart?

Is Bigfoot real?

Deep and meaningful convos that usually happen on a car ride home?

"Hot Pink Satanism"

The depths of hell imagined by Willy Wonka, including a hot pink Baphomet!

"The Nine Teeth of the River Styx"

Join a doomed crew on a dememnted voyage into Hell itself. Don't mind the possessed parrot.