Adam Hulse

Adam Hulse is a dark fiction/horror author based in North-West England.

The Growth

The Growth is decimating the United Kingdom.

Can a vigilante protect a disgraced scientist as they travel across country to deliver the solution to the military?

Can an ex-Olympic boxing champion negotiate her way through roaming gangs and find her missing girlfriend?

Can the growth be stopped?

The Growth Lives!

The Growth has taken over the UK and is heading for Europe. Most have been driven mad by the gas that failed to destroy it, and the few who managed to avoid the gas now struggle to survive. Religious zealots believe the Growth will purge the world of sin, which will lead to a reset for humanity. A scientist is working on a formula to eradicate the Growth, but his rescue seems impossible. Meanwhile, a former boxer fights her way through gas-affected maniacs to rescue her friends from the Brotherhood who would sacrifice them.

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