Kyra R. Torres

Kyra R. Torres is a nonbinary grief/horror/comedy writer, co-host of the Bubble Bath with Baph podcast, and 1/2 of 3-B Publishing. You can find them in nothern California complaining about the weather, and drinking way too much iced coffee. 

The Midnightmare Collection

Family betrayal

Monsters lurking in the shadows

Loved ones taken too soon

The Midnightmare Collection will fill you with heartache while looking over your shoulder

Bubble Bath with Baph

Indie writers Damien Casey and Kyra Torres speak with other members of the Indie Horror community about anything except books. 

Favorite Pop Tart? 

Is Bigfoot real? 

Deep and meaningful convos that usually happen on a car ride home?

"Hot Pink Satanism"

The depths of hell imagined by Willy Wonka, including a hot pink Baphomet!

"Abyssal Melody"

Get ready for this grief filled, horror adventure with Callum and an unexpected crew.