Brian G. Berry

Brian G. Berry has been writing since late 2019. Inspired by the titans of Weird Fiction, such as HP Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, Robert Price, Robert Bloch, Robert E. Howard, and others, his focus is on horror and sci-fi, with elements of action. He is also heavily influenced by the 70s/80s/90s horror films, which, reflects heavily in his work. His first book The Child Eater focuses on the mythical Beast of Gevaudan. Following that release, Brian G. Berry worked on a series he titled: SplatterFiend--a composite of stories influenced by 80s horror films. After The Child Eater, he released The Shack, a story that follows a group of friends daring one another to enter the woods and explore an old shack rumored to harbor a terrible evil. Next, he released Terror From the Sky, followed by Night of the Mutants. He ended the SplatterFiend series and started work on an anthology titled: Campfire Tales Beneath a Pallid Moon, followed closely by Accursed Ground. Shortly after, he initiated his more successful Slasherback Series-- books focused on the grim and brutal slashers of the 70s/80s period. His first was titled The Sleepover Massacre, followed closely by Blood Lanes, The Night Mutilator, The Thanksgiving Day Massacre, and Brian's Birthday Bloodbath. He has recently started a new line called: VHS Trash, which includes Snow Shark and Ogre. Also, he released Into The Pit. Brian G. Berry is always writing and thinking. When he's not perfecting the craft, he spends his days with his family and burying his face in a book.

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Brian's Birthday Bloodbath

It was Brian's twelfth birthday today. He was looking forward to having a night over with his friends. Jessica, his long time crush, was coming over to babysit the three of them. It was going to be a night of fun; watching horror movies, playing video games, everything he wanted to do. But, there was a Clown on the loose; a deadly clown freshly escaped from the Shady Sands Institute, and he was hungry. Leaving behind a trail of slaughter and half-devoured bodies, Bones the Clown cuts a path to the town of Oak Falls where he smells something he likes, and it isn't birthday cake. Brian's Birthday Bloodbath is the fourth title in the Slasherback series; and the most extreme.

Snow Shark

It was supposed to be a family vacation. The celebration of a birthday. A weekend of skiing and smiles. But something haunts the slopes, hunts beneath the snow. No longer does it require the sea, no longer the depths of dark waves. Conditioned for land, a winter terror is unleashed upon the guests who inhabit the resort of White Cap Lodge. Slopes will run red, people will scream, and out there in the snow, no man, no woman, nor child, is safe from the jaws of:



Camp Starlight, an isolated pocket of summer adventure and sunshine. A place of smiling faces and laughter. And terror. For the campers and counselors, their summer plans are about to be cut short. Haunted by a terrible burden, Sheriff Roy Caudel, with the assistance of his partner, Deputy Clint Wilmont, must face a foul and unspeakable horror from the womb of nightmares. Blood will flood the woods. Bodies will stack. Minds will shatter. All will soon learn, that some warnings should be heeded.


Just keep telling yourself:

It's just a book

It's just a book

Thanksgiving Day Massacre

It was a time for celebration. A time for the Thanksgiving day parade. A festival of tradition. A time for families to gather around platters, share laughs, regale in memories. But for one town, it became a vile nightmare of blood and unending terror.

From the macabre mind that brought you Sleepover Massacre and Blood Lanes, brings you a new chapter in the Slasherback Series.

A short tale of holiday horror that will shock audiences with its brutal descriptions; its use of blood and vulgar language not suitable for the kids table.

So while you stuff your bellies, fill your throats, just remember: for one sleepy mountain town, there will be no leftovers this Thanksgiving.

Book III in the Slasherback Series

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