Sarah Jane Huntington

Writer of horror and other strange supernatural themed tales. Mum to a gorgeous rescue dog. I have written for many years, but only recently have I had the courage to submit stories and put a book together. It has always been my ambition, a wish to bring scares and escapism to others, as so many have done for me xx

Other work not affiliated with 3-B you should read

Cabin Terror

One cult, one ritual, one forced open dimensional door.

A creature from elsewhere...

One fierce elderly woman. Three girls. One survivor?

Secrets, lies, and a found footage movie.

Really, what could go wrong?


No one lasts the night.



Meet the all woman crew of the space salvage vessel, The Venus. Lydia, Jonesy, Melody, Fluffy the cat and renegade A.I HIVE. A salvage trip to the moon Titan causes more complications than any of them can imagine. A space adventure novellette

Iron Maidens

Contains scenes some readers may find offensive. Iron maidens: A 13 story collection of twisted tales, all featuring killer women. Supernatural creations hell bent on revenge. Cosmic terrors from beneath the surface.Women with unusual afflictions.The kind housewife with a collection of pickling jars.The beginnings of a serial killer.The isolated family with a strange, deep pit on their land and more....Villains, Vigilantes, Voyeurs, and Vengeance.Iron maidens. You won't forget these women.

Between Light and Shadow

There’s a hidden place at the center of all things, a realm of wonder and horror. It exists outside the boundaries of imagination. You’ll need an open mind to reach the place Between Light and Shadow…

Released by Velox Books